Our story...

Jesus Explosive Ministries was founded by Apostle Kenneth Umoja and registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, national NGO board in 2004 and later incorporated in 2005.

We exists to evangelize (soul win), impact, raise up, mobilize, revolutionize and touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our purpose
To offer a solution to the lost, homeless, hungry, hopeless, broken hearted and the alike so that they can see the care and love of God through people who have been touched by the power of the gospel and have decided to serve the lord.
Our vision
Evangelize (soul win), impact, raise up, mobilize, revolutionize and touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to promote sustainable development.
Our mission
To minister love and healing to the hurting world.

Vision bearer's message

The lord has been faithful to us since we started out in ministry.

Jesus Explosive Ministry though started in Uganda, the lord has graced us to minister to the hurting world in more than 17 countries like Netherlands, United States, Nigeria, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, among others. For the past 13 years, I have witnessed a great deal of impact in God's people. If you want to be blessed by what God is doing through us, please keep in touch.
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apostle-webHow to support this ministry
Grab the opportunity of being apart of what God is doing through Jesus Explosive Ministries International. Browse through our ministries and identify any ministry you would love to stand with. For more specific details Click here.
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