Respond to God in patience and allow him to have his way. Many times we are in a rush of making things happen. We are deeply and seriously interested in our own targeted objectives but we don’t want to pull the trigger button. We are interested in the destiny but we are very unwilling to walk the journey.

Instead we are in a rush. We want to fly where God wants us to walk. We want to fly because the journey is rough.

Let’s take a closer look at the children of Israel – God’s chosen people. I strongly believe by His miraculous power, the God of Moses who dropped manna from heaven for His children to eat, who  separated the red sea, who caused the rock bring water, and who did a whole lot of other miracles would have possibly put wings on each of his children to save them but He did not.  Honesty the God who created birds of the air would have created a people of the air at an instant mention of ‘let there be’ after all the sky was widely open. But why?

The thing is, God who already knows the end is deeply interested in the journey. To the children of Israel, He even used the longest route so that He could prune than finely.

Here is the point; it is on the journey that God demonstrates who He truly is. On the journey he spoke to Moses, He made him a great leader who has ever lived on the face of the earth. He rose up Joshua – the next leader after Moses, he rose up Caleb and may other leaders. On the journey He gave commands, and did a lot of miracles. He punished sin, He forgave sin, and He demonstrated the fullness of his power and did many other things before His dear children could enter the Promised Land.

Likewise, today, there is a promised land – the things you want to achieve for a good destiny and an Egypt to escape from – the habits or anything to leave behind before you fully walk towards the destiny God has promised you and a journey to walk – the pursuit of a God given destiny.

Realizing that, it is only responding to God in patience and allowing him to lead you that will make a difference. It is only those who patiently wait upon God whose faith is tested but keep holding on that finish the race (James 1:2-4). Amen!

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